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Ai-jen Poo

For the past fourteen years, Ai-Jen Poo had worked to organize domestic workers, people whom she terms a “shadow economy.” Since 2007, when she co-founded the National Domestic Workers...

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Tags: new york, policy solutions, working conditions

End homelessness and political corruption

A little about me…Countless meeting’s I’ve had with politicians, and I have another meeting coming up shortly,and I’m told the same thing over and over again…“There...

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Tags: housing, new jersey, working conditions

Laurentino Loera

Fifty eight year old Laurentino Loera recently pawned his portable television, to raise money to feed himself. A seasonal farm worker, he now owns nothing but the clothes on his back. In winter, he...

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Tags: housing, hunger, texas, unemployment, wages, working conditions

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