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No rock left uneaten, No pride to be lost

I am 25 unemployed, epileptic, and receiving 14 dollars in food stamps a month.  I hate the fact that it has come to this, luckily my social awkwardness and overall attitude of child bearing, has...

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Tags: hunger, texas

Laurentino Loera

Fifty eight year old Laurentino Loera recently pawned his portable television, to raise money to feed himself. A seasonal farm worker, he now owns nothing but the clothes on his back. In winter, he...

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Tags: housing, hunger, texas, unemployment, wages, working conditions

Fidencio Fabela and Daniel Perez

Fidencio Fabela and Daniel Perez are septuagenarian farm laborers. They live in the Sin Frontera community center, in El Paso, Texas, with dozens of other laborers, wake up at midnight to try to get...

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Tags: healthcare, hunger, texas, wages, working conditions

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