Tammie, Wayne, Michigan

Interview By Sasha Abramsky | Posted Sunday June 24, 2012

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A couple years ago, Tammie, then in her late forties, bought her first car; a second hand Chevy Malibu. She got the minimum insurance necessary to get her tags, and drove off to her childcare job. Despite having worked for thirty years, it was the first car she had ever been able to afford. A couple years later, she found herself unemployed; and then someone hit-and-ran her car, totaling it. With no money for a new car, Tammie retreated into isolation. She was too tired to take Detroit’s under-resourced buses from place to place, looking for work, and gradually her financial options shrank. She became depressed and anxious, and fixated on being able to buy a new set of wheels. Here she discusses living on the economic margins in Detroit, trying to provide her children opportunities over the years; yet finding her own horizons evermore limited.

Tags: michigan, unemployment
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