Robert Burke, Canyon, Idaho

Interview By Sasha Abramsky | Posted Friday April 27, 2012

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Robert Burke - poverty - Canyon, Idaho

Robert Burke has done a bit of everything in his time, he says: timber, farming, truck-driving, scrap metal collecting. But no more. After two serious back surgeries, he’s on disability. He, his wife, and three teenage grandchildren they are rearing, live on one thousand dollars a month in SSI and SSD payments, and $200 per month food stamps. And, so, to make the food stretch the month, he stands in line at the Oasis Food Center, in Caldwell, Idaho, to pick up boxes of bread, frozen processed meats, occasionally some fresh vegetables. Many in the line are members of the working poor. Many others lost their jobs during the recession. Burke is weathered, tough; he looks like a man who has endured Hard Times; he looks, in many ways, like a character out of the Great Depression.

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