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By Tery B. | Posted Friday May 11, 2012

My Mother age 84, 2012. I am 1 of 2 siblings still alive. My father born 1894 died in 1965 my deceased little sister was 1 y.o. I was 3. She came from a poor family, never asked for help. Never remarried or even dated, her whole life she dedicated to providing for her family. All minimum wage jobs. Her home built in 1958 has 2 mortgages, she works F/T as a dishwasher, same place 14-15 yrs. makes less than $8.00 hr. She has to, who will hire an 80+ lady! Her raises over the years were like.07 cents! When Hurricane Charlie hit Port Charlotte her home, she was 1 of 4 employees who would not leave these old people (some younger than her but wealthier) to come & stay with me in Sarasota. No electricity, water etc. for 2weeks+.
She has been taken advantage of & I want to do anything to help her enjoy her remaining years she has left! Is there no justice for such a devoted hard working woman who has really been dealt a bad hand her whole life? She trusted bankers, companies, mechanics…etc. Thinking it’s their job, they know best & she just believes truly that these people would do the best for her & haven’t! I fought Sun Bank, SSA & won on her behalf…I have a GED period! Chase garnished her wages, because she couldn’t afford min. pymts. but sent what she could & we all know how they end up sky rocketing. I formally got her permission to respond to a subpeona from them to which, I had to drop out or get charged with practicing law without a license.
Are you truly a humanitarian, such a small drop in the bucket from you could change this truly beautiful woman’s last years on this planet. I pledge to do what I can to make her life better & it will not end here. It will end when I accomplish my commitment to my mother.
Any help appreciated, if not I have dealt with hardships & disapointments my entire life & will continue until I’ve exhausted all possibilities or if she dies or I do!
Thanks for your consideration
Tery Bell
Margaret Bell (mom)

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