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By Paul K. | Posted Monday February 6, 2012

I started a homeless ministry almost 7 years ago here in St. Charles, County Missouri. Every agency in St. Charles and 2 other surrounding Counties refuse service to single homeless men. So I started our ministry to serve the single homeless men and fill this gap in service. We take no Government money and recieve donations from individuals, compamnies, foundations, Churches etc.

We found that there is a need and gap in service also for single women and families so we helping them also. We are the only agency that gives immediate shelter, in motels, to homeless people and has a program and policies to assit them to self-sufficiency while living in motels. Not an ideal place to live but better than living in the outdoors. We help with food, clothing, shelter, transportation, job searches, cell phones and other support to remove obsticales they have in becoming self-sufficient. We have helped over 4000 homeless and have raised by God’s Grace, Mercy and Power over $700,000 with a 50% success rate.

It is just me , my wife and a little old lady from Church doing this and it takes about 80 to 100 hours per week 7 days a week to complete. I have no degree much less any social service work education and now I am considered the expert in our county and surrounding counties. If we can do this just think what many more like us could do! 

Now here is the big picture. There are 6,000,000 in Missouri, 2,000,000 on welfare. An average welfare check is $750 per month for dissabbility and $350 for Moms with kids plus food stamps and Medicare. Then if you also count those who are not self-sufficient but working this adds up to 3,000,000 who are not self-sufficient. What a disgrace! Half of the people in Missouri are not self-sufficient in any way. To make matters worse a living wage for 2 in one household is $16.00 per hour. But the average wage for a low wage earner is $8.00 per hour. And this is at Mcdonalds, dierbergs grocery, gas sations and many othe million and billion dollar companies. McDonalds makes billions in profit every year and pays most employees $8 per hour or less. I believe this is called greed, selfishness, self-centered etc. This is half of what a family of 2 needs unless they are both making $8.00 per hour which is very rare. A single person needs $12.00 per our to make a living wage which is $4.00 more than the low wage earner income. So can you guess why we have so many poor and homeless?

Now for other examples. Los Angeles has over 60,000 homeless on the streets. There are 360,000 millionares in the same area. That is 6 millionares for every 1 homeless. In a perfect world with Jesus here on earth and in control there would be no homeless at all. As you probably know, greed is killing this country and selfishness is producing massive amounts of poor and homeless.

Now for the answer! In our ministry we have over 600 donors that provide the funds to help over 600 homeless each year. We have proven one person who is self-sufficient can help and make a significant difference for one poor or homeless person by their faithful giving in Love. Therefore, in a perfect world the 3,000,000 who are self-sufficient should be helping the 3,000,000 who are not. The result would be many fewer on welfare and many more making at least close to a living wage.

Having said that I can show anyone how to survive in a motel and be slf-sufficient making $12,000 gross per year. The motels we use cost $175 per week and an $8 per hour wage earner can take home $250. He can pay his motel bill and have $75 left over to save, pay bills or whatever. Then we encourage our clients to get more training, education etc. and look for better paying jobs. And the Gov. has many programs that do this.

Finally, I Love what you are doing and hope this will help. looking at the big picture helps us to identify the needs. Some way we need to encourage the easy chair warmers who are self-sufficient and wondering wehat new car to buy that is better than the neighbors. I have saved a families entire situation by buy the breadwinner $25 worth of gas to get to work or he would have lost his job, then the family would have been living in the streets. So sometimes it doesn’t take much time or money. God has provided all the money we needed to help all these people and He will bless anyone who lives and does His Greatest will, The Greatest Commanments. He doesn’t call these the Greatest for nothing! Now guess what the deffinition of a neighbor really is? “A neighbor is anyone who has a need we can fulfill.” We are to Love our neighbor as ourselves in this manner. Gal. 6:2 says, ” Bear one anothers burdens and this fulfills the whole law of Christ! Thats all God wants us to do is look out for each other. The t shirts should say, ” I got your back!” Not,” screw the other guy before he screws you” which is the popular mind set of the day.

Last word. Sermon by an 19th century preacher named Mclarin said, ” It would be a changed world if everyone would attend to the sorrows and suffering of others plain before them!. Amen brother!!!

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