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By Jan L. | Posted Thursday July 11, 2013

I am using a Library computer to write to you. This is off the top of my head so I am sorry for an typo’s Mis-spellings and bad grammer.  But as short as I can say it. I began working with the poor and the homeless in 1983 in Maine. I grew up hungry with bouts of homeless in the 1950’s as a kid. And as an adult I had a few times of homelessness. It was due to a lack of income.

This has made me more willing to give to others. It also had made me want to be one of the voice’s in causing society to improve. I am grateful for Sasha Abramshy in starting this site.  I will follow this site.

The top idea which holds people in lack is deliberate misinformation by our government and giant corporations. It is not 1 in 6 Americans who are in poverty, or cannot pay the basic needs each month. It is the opposite, It is 5 in 6 people who are paid less than the need, in America.

Wages must reflect the real need.

The poverty level covers ONE of the Basic human needs. In the 1960’s when Mollie Orshansky was told o only find the trotted number of 40, million Americans in need she had no other opinion but use One standard of the 8 -10 human needs, She did not use all of then just food.

In 2010’s Their are more basics, as many employer’s no longer pay health insurance. If you experience fire, theft a violent act of nature, as a hurricane, tornado, or a wild fire wiping out your home, you needed renters or Home owners insurance, but you might have forgone that for food or keeping a roof over your head.

I write on a Library computer because mine does not bring up all I need. While I am grateful to have use of such even when I can afford the bus I have a 1/2 mile up 45 degree terrain.

I do post to my group at LinkedIn and facebook, from my home computer but It is infested with growing viruses.  They both are called “End All Poverty (Now) this is another place I was hoping to get people to post. You can post whatever you post here at End All Poverty.

I want to create a real life group of “End All Poverty”  I moved out west. I need people from all over he world and in Colorado Springs to Join this 62 year old. I need a computer which allows me to list the group with the CO. Sec. of State.  Soft ware of Adobe word to permit me and other’s to create web pages. And Coral graphics. The Group will be requiring members of various skills. As well as one lawyer and an accountant, graphic artists,media personals etc.

Anyone wanting to contact me write to Jan Hoag, PO Box 63461, Colorado Springs CO 80962 or call me at 719.645.7746. I can not use my email at home computer. So it could take a week to 10 days to contact me the new tech way.

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