No rock left uneaten, No pride to be lost, Travis, Texas

By Albert G. | Posted Sunday January 29, 2012

I am 25 unemployed, epileptic, and receiving 14 dollars in food stamps a month.  I hate the fact that it has come to this, luckily my social awkwardness and overall attitude of child bearing, has kept me from dragging a helpless child into poverty.  I am o k to say the least, but an individual that I am currently roommates with is abusing the system. 

Apparently a system that can’t even feed children first.

He is obese.  Gluttony is now a disorder. 

There are many nights I myself go hungry.  But his are always in over abundance tickled with the respirator he sleeps with.  He hits food banks and even masquerades as a religions person for his addiction.  Not only that he believes he is entitled to it.  He then begs on the street, and borrows money that he can never pay back from people with real disabilities.  And yes he is on Social Security Disability. 

His eating and wasting away, while others starve.  I have gone days with out eating and it isn’t that bad for an adult that is happy to have his health. 

If we can eliminate these feeble reasons for acquiring tax payer money to these “give ups”.  Maybe the system will work for people that may have chance and disregard those who don’t. 

Freedom to be overweight but not suffer the consequences.

Fact: I am ex drug user and I haven’t ruled out that I didn’t cause my own epilepsy.  But if I die, I simply must charge to the game.  And hopefully the change will be passed to someone with more of chance than I have.  S.S.D. is for those who need it, not those who built their own coffin. 

I’m sure he isn’t the only one abusing the system. 

Bottom line we really need to evaluate what is going on in this country before we even try to help other countries.  We can’t help others when we can’t even help ourselves.  Patients treating patients, it will never work. 

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