Linda Pratt, Genesee, Michigan

Interview By Sasha Abramsky | Posted Sunday June 24, 2012

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Fifty eight year old Linda Pratt works with mentally disabled children. Over the years, she has raised four of her own kids, three other children whose own parents couldn’t look after them, and, for a time four of her grandchildren. She has taken in other adults in trouble over the years, as well. Linda and her husband Lloyd live in Flint, Michigan, one of the country’s most depressed cities. They are deeply underwater on their home; and, because neither of their jobs came with health insurance, when Lloyd suffered a stroke the couple were left with close to $100,000 in medical bills. When they applied for state assistance programs, they were told they had too many assets: since their house was underwater and their van had been repossessed, they asked what assets were being included. The answer: burial plots. Because they each owned a plot in the cemetery where they eventually hoped to be buried, they were deemed too affluent for assistance.

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