End homelessness and political corruption, Ocean, New Jersey

By Maria L. | Posted Thursday December 29, 2011

End homelessness and political corruption - poverty - Ocean, New Jersey

A little about me…Countless meeting’s I’ve had with politicians, and I have another meeting coming up shortly,and I’m told the same thing over and over again…“There are no funds to help the homeless.” Yet time and again they reference how wonderful Social Services is and how they will help,so I suppose they feel the burden falls off of them.Well, that is so untrue because the welfare system is broken! Case workers are overloaded now more than ever,so they are burnt out,and have been know to turn cases away for this sole purpose. The biggest reason for denial is that the person in need,“caused their own homelessness,“which clearly is not that reason for “most” cases. I spent three years working as a teacher for autistic adults, until I became a single parent in 2000, and when my daughters father passed away.I found myself doing something I never thought I would ever do! I had to go to the system because we became homeless! How humiliating and embarrassed I was! I was turned a way, now 6 months pregnant with my second child,and for this no one wanted to hire me being so far into my pregnancy! I had to lie to a nursing home by not revealing I was in fact pregnant,secured a job there and was able to pay for a motel,until they learned I was pregnant,then I lost that job! Because I worked with high risk patients I was consider a liability,so I once again found myself pleading with social services for help to pay our motel,until I secured another job! Guess what? I was denied again! Then I was hired at a day care during my last tri-mester,until in 2003 Addies Day Care in Lakewood,NJ was shut down for carbon monoxide poisoning where I pregnant at the time,my three year old daughter was,and other parents children almost lost their lives!There I was back at Social Services and denied once again! This has all been documented! It wasn’t,until two attorneys later,the mayor of Lakewood’s involvement,the judge demanding my family be helped back on our feet again…I was denied again! In short we won! Rumor has it some lost their job because of what happened,but I want the community to understand this is what your tax dollars are paying for! Want lesser taxes? Don’t want to support welfare? Then stand up and be one voice about a failed system, that keeps people down,hence no decreased welfare rolls,only increased welfare rolls that you pay for. I learned this was and is happening to countless other’s! It’s going to take the press and the people to use their voice and expose this! Put our politicians on the spot! Ask them why they allow your tax dollars to pay for motel stays in Seaside Heights,NJ with rates between $800.00-1,000.00 a week! All that money weekly wasted when Ocean County can have a Community Center that operates apart from government funding,with programs in housed (vast amount of programs I’ve outlined), and the goal being those who are homeless can stay,adhere to the programs to help them become self sufficient apart from the system,so when they leave the Community Center they don’t re-enter the system,hence reducing welfare rolls. All that money spent on hotel stays MUST go toward funding this,so the work can begin,and as it succeeds,tax payers and the community can choose to give generous donations to continue funding this plan! At which point I’m confident tax payer will gladly support a system that does what it says,and one that supports work ethics! I do know one reason why our local/state government allows this type of money wasting,well two reasons…One,motel owners are kept in business on the off season, and it’s proven come prom/summer season the homeless are kicked out! What,if a family moved in on the month of March?! Clearly,that gives them no time to get on their feet before they are thrown away again. Secondly,now this county profits ten fold on all the profit brought in by people who go to the shore! So, it’s a win/win for our politicians and hotel owners, but who suffers? The poor,and tax payer! Stand up people! Research what is really going on.FIGHT! It’s not enough to say you were not told, it’s not enough to bash the poor assuming you know the facts,and that they can do something other then depend on the system. Look what happened to me? I was one of those individuals who would ask,“why can’t they just work?” My plight was bitter sweet! it opened my eyes to how the working and underprivileged are being oppressed!It’s what caused me to become an advocate! When I sat in that Social Service office day in and out fighting for my family it was the hardest thing to do, the amount of people I saw broken,crying in front of others,anger coming from other’s it broke me! Reduced me to tears to see how people are treated like cattle,and at the time I was among them feeling nothing but heart ache!Another thing to know is when the welfare rolls increase,so does the state incentives! Government gives each state money to fund welfare.Is all the funding going to this program? I don’t feel it does! Because if funds can be abused on extreme hotel rates that hinder the homeless.What’s to stop it from happening in all areas?! Please,also visit the link to the site below,also to the politician who lied to my face,and told me,if I register as a non-profit you would donate a one time donation, then told other’s behind my back you never said that. I’ve let my anger go toward you,but no this…My family has been through SO much,more than you could ever imagine, and I know it’s not for naught! You will not break me! I will fight no matter what! I will smile with compassion on you as one by one the oppressed are free from the chains you allow to bind them.Because I know in the end when this change takes place you will have no choice,but to be humbled! Do unto others as you would have done to you. I spent have the day at tent city with my two young daughters on December 24th, 2011 where were you? I did not see one politician there! What does this really say? That evening the temperatures fell so low! How could you sleep? I didn’t,but I woke to an awesome surprise Christmas Morning. You will soon find out what that is,and what is going to take place!

Please make people aware of the following…Please come out to show your support on Friday, January 6th at 9 a.m. at 100 Hooper Avenue in Toms River, Courtroom 3 They are looking to kick the homeless out of Lakewood,without providing alternate shelter. There are children in the woods,adults,elderly…We need your support!!


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