Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a voice for America’s invisible poor. By sharing their stories, we hope to shed light on the men, women, and children of America’s poverty. Our intent is to make complicated stories too often reduced to two-dimensional stereotypes. And, in exploring why and how people fall into, or remain mired in, poverty—using issues like housing, employment, wages, healthcare access, and education resources as lenses on their conditions—we hope to point the way to possible solutions.

Interviewees, both those in poverty and those who have spent careers working with and around poverty, talk about innovative job training programs; non-predatory credit access; creative ways of keeping underwater homeowners in their homes; progressive tax structures and credits; strategies for improving schools and schooling in low-income communities; and suggestions for refining state and federal assistance programs. Cumulatively, these suggestions sketch the outlines of what a twenty first century war on poverty would look like were political leaders to start treating the crisis with the urgency that it so clearly merits.